Gnash Windows Binaries

Gnash under Windows XP

I regularly build and publish binary executables of Gnash for 32-bit Windows. These binaries use standard, current Gnash sources with no extra patches, and come with the simple SDL GUI, FFmpeg media support, and high-quality AGG rendering.

The packages have some known shortcomings, including:

  • No plugin, so command-line only.
  • Various OS-dependent functions are missing, e.g. shared memory.
  • No 'headless' version for rendering to video.
  • Certain codecs are missing due to the GPL-licensed FFmpeg version.

Some of these things will be fixed in due course as Gnash itself is improved, but others will only be done on request as paid support. If you are interested in having any functionality implemented under Windows, please get in touch.

Installers with "dev" in the filename are builds of a source snapshot roughly corresponding to the date of creation. They will not be archived and may be overwritten or removed without notice. Only Gnash releases will be archived, starting with version 0.8.9.

The Gnash installer creates no menu or desktop icons, as it can only be run from the command line.

The Gnash installers are available in the download area.