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Bazaar plugin for GnashGordon

I wrote a small plugin for Supybot, an IRC bot written in Python, to keep track of the main Gnash repository for our Freenode channel #gnash. The channel bot GnashGordon can show commit log messages, the current status of the repository, and generate diffs. It's now available under the GPL v3 at in - of course - a bzr repository.

There isn't a great demand for this sort of thing, but it seems to be the only such plugin out there, and of course it can be greatly improved if anyone has the time and motivation to do it.

Ohloh supports Bazaar

The open-source open measurement project Ohloh has, after over a year of users asking, finally got round to supporting more version control systems (VCS), namely bazaar and mercurial. This is good news, as increasingly large numbers of projects are using these newer distributed VCSs. For Gnash, it means that the code statistics are finally up-to-date again, nine months after switching from CVS to bazaar.

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