New features for Gnash 0.8.9?

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Six months ago I published a list of possible improvements for Gnash 0.8.8. The list was:

  1. Reliable text handling.
  2. BitmapData draw() function.
  3. RTMP.
  4. Dynamic focal gradients, gradient spread and interpolation modes.
  5. Playback of obfuscated SWFs.
  6. Direct conversion of SWF to video using ffmpeg.

The bad news first: only one of the list made it into 0.8.8. This was the gradient item, where focal gradients and spread modes are now implemented.

On the positive side, at least one more of the important items (BitmapData functions) is now committed to trunk ready for the next version of Gnash, and one or two of the others may be added over the next few months.

So with a view to the future, here is a further list of potential improvements:

  • Camera support.
  • Microphone support.
  • Further BitmapData functions such as copyPixels(), scroll(), copyChannel() etc.

All of them can be implemented in less than a month, some much more quickly.

As usual, if you are interested in funding development of these or any other improvements, please contact me!