New features for Gnash 0.8.8?

Gnash will certainly be better in six months for our next release. It already has one major new feature - LocalConnection support - and RTMP video streaming is also planned.

But as Gnash is currently unfunded, many important features that could easily be added will be left out.

Here is an incomplete list of things that I can improve or newly implement in Gnash in a relatively short space of time (between 1 and 4 weeks):

  1. Reliable text handling (HTML text, text formatting, positioning etc). Currently this is not correct and fails in many cases.
  2. BitmapData functions. Rendering to an internal buffer for use in ActionScript. This is used for image handling in many SWF8 movies.
  3. RTMP. A basic implementation for video streaming and remoting should be ready for 0.8.8. But ironing out bugs and getting a really high-quality implementation will take longer.
  4. Dynamic focal gradients, gradient spread and interpolation modes.
  5. Playback of obfuscated SWFs.
  6. Direct conversion of SWF to video using ffmpeg.

If you are interested in funding development of these or any other improvements, please contact me.