Open-Source Flash

Free and Open Source Software provides many alternative ways of manipulating and creating Flash movies.

With the tools offered by Free Software, you can create SWF files in any way you like, as automatically as you like.

On-the-fly generation, pixel-perfect translation from images or documents to SWF, detailed examination of performance are all possible:

  • Compiling SWFs just from ActionScript 2 or ActionScript 3 is easy using ming or swftools.
  • Ming, swftools, mtasc, and haxe provide different ways of generating SWFs, including from Perl, PHP, or Python.
  • Tools like swfmill allow automatic combination of elements into fully functioning SWF files.
  • Automatic translation of PDF files into SWF files is possible with swftools.

A combination of disassemblers (flasm, swfmill), decompilers (ming), and verbose interpreters like Gnash means that SWF files can be inspected at every level.

These tools allow optimization of SWF files at bytecode, opcode or ActionScript level.

See for many more possibilities.