Gnash 0.8.5 released!

Gnash version 0.8.5 has been released. Official release tarballs can be found at

There isn't as much major redesigning for this release, but many smaller rewrites and bug fixes that improve Gnash's compatibility. Above all, many more video sites work (up to SWF version 8).

Effective bug fixes in Gnash are often very small changes; the most common reason for SWFs not playing is an error in ActionScript interpretation. These are usually much harder to locate than to fix, as it can be something as simple as an incorrect return value or incorrectly handled arguments preventing an entire SWF from running. The number of small fixes to ActionScript interpretation in this list is easy to overlook, but it fixes many problems.

A selected list of important new features and fixes:

  • Support for decoding H.264 video and Speex and AAC audio.
  • Scaled video smoothing available (makes YouTube and other sites look better).
  • YouTube widgets fixed, thanks to debugging work from a new contributor.
  • New, full featured GUI for KDE4 / Qt4.
  • Major improvements to XML parsing compatibility, fixing the vast numbers of websites using poor XML.
  • New implementation of methods for the following AS classes: LoadVars, XMLNode, XML, MovieClip, Video, NetConnection, Sound.
  • Fixes to many more AS classes.
  • The Selection class is newly implemented.
  • Support for saving streamed (FLV, H264, MP3 etc) and loaded (JPEG, SWF, PNG, GIF) media to disk.
  • Basic GUI warning messages when media decoding fails (usually missing codecs).