New features for Gnash 0.8.10?

Milk Quest

As well as many stability fixes, Gnash 0.8.9 brought improvements in sound playback, gradient rendering, RTMP remoting support, and implementation of important parts of the BitmapData class.

For the next version, provisionally 0.8.10, there are already some exciting new improvements in the development repository: the Qt4 GUI supports clipboard setting and mouse wheel input, the BitmapData implementation is optimized and extended, and the XML class is finally fully implemented.

These improvements mean that Gnash can play more of the SWFs it encounters. It also means that Flash movies written specifically for Gnash can use a wider range of ActionScript features.

So what can be improved for the next version? Any of the following list can be implemented in about a month at most, some in days. Please contact me if you would like to fund development of these features.

  • FileReference and FileReferenceList (file upload support in ActionScript).
  • Many TextField improvements to fix incorrect positioning and style.
  • StyleSheets.
  • Printing.
  • BitmapFilters.
  • RTMP media streaming.
  • ContextMenu.
  • ActionScript Camera support.
  • ActionScript Microphone support.
  • Still more BitmapData functions.

Anyone interested in working on one of these features as a volunteer would of course be very welcome, but in this case please write to the Gnash developers' mailing list and not to me directly!