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Gnash, the GNU SWF player is a free software alternative to Adobe's Flash player. Gnash can play most Flash movies up to SWF version 7 and a large proportion of SWF versions 8 and 9. Gnash is extensible, flexible and - unlike the proprietary version - grants users full control.

Gnash allows you to save videos and other media files, can render a SWF to video, and produce screenshots. You can use Gnash to do what you want, not just what the content provider wants.

See some screenshots of Gnash or read more about Gnash.

Operating Systems

Gnash runs equally well under 32- and 64-bit systems, on MIPS, SPARC and ARM as well as i386 (to name the most common), and has been tested under GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Darwin, OpenSolaris and Debian GNU/Hurd. It is reported to run on Haiku, AmigaOS, and Syllable, and even runs under Windows.


Because it is licensed under the GPL v3, Gnash can be freely used, copied, embedded and adapted. See a Quick Guide to the GPL v3 for an outline of the easy-to-fulfil obligations that come with using GPL v3 software.

Support for Gnash

You can get support for Gnash from users and developers through the following public channels:

Some developers offer paid support for Gnash, including bug fixes, implementation of new features, optimization, and integration:

  • Sandro Santilli, a leading Gnash developer and one of the original contributors.

I used to provide support for Gnash, but from 2012 no longer do so.

Project Data

There are several representations of Gnash development history: