Gnash 0.8.9 released!

There's no official announcement yet, but the tarballs of Gnash 0.8.9 are available from GNU mirrors.

Gnash 0.8.9 brings many bugfixes and some new features, including:

  • Fixed playback for some MPEG4 streams, playback of PCM sound with the FFmpeg media handler and ADPCM sound with the Gstreamer media handler.
  • Support for embedded ScreenVideo.
  • Fixes for several crashes.
  • Improved ActionScript performance processing, especially for interactive applications.
  • Avoid drawing operations when the window is obscured, including when Gnash is used as a plugin with Firefox 4.0 (GTK only).
  • Improved plugin performance and fixes to instability under Chromium.
  • Improved SWF8 support with BitmapData.draw(), BitmapData.loadBitmap(), and other bitmap functions.
  • Re-entrant core libraries.
  • RTMP remoting support.
  • Support for PNG and GIF files in all DefineBitsJpeg tags; support for DefineBitsJpeg4 tags, and fixed display of some GIFs with multiple records.
  • Improved speed, sync and flexibility for dump-gnash.
  • Optional JPEG screenshot output.
  • Support for linear RGB interpolation mode in gradient fills.
  • Clipboard setting (GTK only).

Particular thanks are due to Hicham Haouari, the Fedora maintainer for the Gnash package, for forwarding bug reports from the Red Hat bug tracker. This helped us to fix many stability issues. Hicham also contributed important improvements to packaging and dependencies.

Gabriele Giacone, the Debian Gnash maintainer, also made an enormous contribution by maintaining the buildbot, which has helped all developers avoid compiling problems across platforms.

We were also very pleased to have Bastiaan Jacques contributing again: the recent media playback fixes are entirely due to him.

As usual, binaries for Windows are available from this website.

Thank you...and a follow-up question

First, let me extend our gratitude for all of the Gnash work you contribute, and for spending the time to provide Windows binaries. There is a large Win32 group that now has a much lower barrier to entry for reviewing the exciting benefits of moving to Gnash. One question, though, came up regarding fonts. After testing the latest 0.8.9 builds and searching the GnashDev wiki, we couldn't find any documentation related to the setup/config of fonts for the Win32 binaries. After running a simple SWF with dynamic text fields, we see the "Could not create a freetype face [a_type]" error message and no text is displayed. Any suggestions or links to configuration docs would be appreciated.

Missing fonts

Thanks for reporting this problem. I suspect the answer lies with a fontconfig configuration file. If I have time I'll see if I can fix it or document how to, but if you discover the answer first do let me know!