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Gnash for Windows

Gnash now runs under Windows (32-bit). I've published binary executables with corresponding source archives in the download area.

The Windows executable uses SDL for the GUI and sound, AGG as a renderer, and FFmpeg (LGPL) as its media handler.

It is built using mingw32 under GNU/Linux and only minimally tested in a real Windows environment, so expect teething problems.

These are unofficial binaries and are not supported by the Gnash team. Please report bugs with the executables to me directly, not to the Gnash bug tracker!

Things that are known currently not to work under Windows are:

  • The plugin
  • Shared memory
  • Device fonts
  • Certain codecs (due to the FFmpeg configuration)

If you are interested in support for these binaries or in paying for a custom configuration, please contact me.


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