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Bazaar plugin for GnashGordon

I wrote a small plugin for Supybot, an IRC bot written in Python, to keep track of the main Gnash repository for our Freenode channel #gnash. The channel bot GnashGordon can show commit log messages, the current status of the repository, and generate diffs. It's now available under the GPL v3 at in - of course - a bzr repository.

There isn't a great demand for this sort of thing, but it seems to be the only such plugin out there, and of course it can be greatly improved if anyone has the time and motivation to do it.

Gnash on OpenSolaris

Gnash running on OpenSolaris

It took about a day to get Gnash built and more or less running on OpenSolaris. Surprisingly few dependencies are missing, but the ones that are (mainly the Boost C++ libraries) aren't that easy to build.

So the packages I needed to build were:

  1. bazaar (for retrieving Gnash trunk)
  2. bjam (for building boost)
  3. boost 1.37
  4. AGG 2.5 (Anti-Grain Geometry renderer)
  5. libgif

Ohloh supports Bazaar

The open-source open measurement project Ohloh has, after over a year of users asking, finally got round to supporting more version control systems (VCS), namely bazaar and mercurial. This is good news, as increasingly large numbers of projects are using these newer distributed VCSs. For Gnash, it means that the code statistics are finally up-to-date again, nine months after switching from CVS to bazaar.


As my old laptop died, I've had to get a replacement. I work mainly via ssh to a quad-core development machine (fast compiling), so wasn't looking for a massively powerful device. I settled on an ASUS eeePC 901GO, partly because my little brother has been using a similar machine for a while and was quite happy with it.


There are some 80-90 million SWF files from the last eleven years and in ten versions scattered across the web. Versions 7 to 9 are all still widely used on popular websites. Version 6 is quite common, and even versions 4 and 5 are still found - largely for classic games or applications, but sometimes in new files generated by alternative SWF compilers. (The SWF export still uses version 4, though it produces poorly formed SWFs).

Flickr, and implementing __resolve

It's quite unusual to find any use of __resolve in real Flash movies. That's why it hasn't been supported in Gnash up to now. But after investigating why Gnash didn't play the Flickr widget, it turned out the widget relies on __resolve to implement certain functions of the Flickr API.

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