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Benjamin Wolsey

Brief biography

Benjamin Wolsey is a pseudonym that I used when I first contributed to Free Software. I used it then to keep my different interests separate and, now it's established, I still use it for my software development work.

My real surname is Goose. I grew up in northern England, gained a First Class degree from Oxford University and then a PhD from the University of London in 2005. I then moved to Munich with my wife Eva, and spent two years carrying out post-doctoral research at the Ludwig Maximilian University. We still live in Munich, where I work as a software consultant for a technology company in Unterföhring.


I was a leading developer on the Free Software Foundation's high priority project Gnash for four years. While working on Gnash, I improved ActionScript compatibility, implemented many new SWF features, and overhauled much of the codebase, as well as innumerable other improvements and bug-fixes.

My contributions to the Free Software community include work on swfmill, ming, cppcheck, and wget. Other projects are listed on the software wiki page.


Please feel free to get in touch by email using the contact form.

You can also send me a message using Jabber: bwy@xabber.de, or follow me at identi.ca/bwy.